Content Guidelines

Factr is for...

Factr is designed to give you control of your content. Feel confident saving, sharing, and organizing your knowledge and creativity, free of manipulation.

Our platform values free speech and invites a diverse community of members with different views, perspectives, and insights. Factr strives to offer all members both the ability to control their content and the ability to consent to see other content.

In order to safeguard this experience, some types of content-- those types considered to be harmful or threatening to the overall community--are not permitted to be shared. Please note that certain types of artistic content that might otherwise fall into one or more of the categories below may be allowed.

Factr is not for...

  • Sharing hateful, insulting, or bigoted content (racist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, language or images, for example)

  • Sharing content that is mislabelled or misplaced (intentionally false or misleading information)

  • Sharing obscene content, whether images or text (content including images, videos, gifs, text, or illustrations depicting sexual acts)

  • Spam or solicitations

  • Violation of copyright (use of images or language that belongs to another without proper attribution)

  • Solicitation of illegal acts

Private groups and streams on Factr are overseen and moderated by their owners and admins. If you believe an owner or admin is mishandling flagged content, please reach out directly to

Content deemed by Factr or group admins to be part of the above categories will be hidden or removed.


Factr works alongside members to ensure accountability while using the platform. This may include any of the following:

  • Asking members to directly move (or remove) any explicit or inappropriate public content

  • Hiding or removing content on behalf of unresponsive members

  • Removing admin/owner privileges or pausing memberships upon:

  • Continued inappropriate posting

  • Distributing, sharing, or storing illegal content

  • Mishandling of flagged content

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