For help on importing bookmarks or Tweets, see the import content article, here

Via web browser:

  • Click the + button on the top of the left-hand navigation and click "new post" OR go to the Stream that you want to add content.

  • If in Stream, click the gold "+" button at the top of the Stream.

  • A menu of options will open. Specify your preliminary post choice to open a new post.

  • Insert, upload, or type your post preliminary content. Additional post options will appear in the case that you have more links, images, or files to add to the post.

  • Choose your post styling and attachment order

  • Click "Post" when you've finalized your post content.

Pro Tip: Use the multiple file tool to upload multiple images or files as individual posts. Keep in mind, you can post up to 20 attachments to any post within it, without using this tool. The multiple file button is for those who want images and files to posted as their own individual posts.

Via the mobile app:

  • To create a new post in the mobile app, look for the gold + button in the toolbar at the bottom of the app.

  • Choose "New Post"

  • Choose your post destination

  • Insert post text and attachments

  • When complete, click "Save" on the top right-hand side of the platform.

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