Factr includes keyword searching, as well as a variety of filter sets to support finding what you're looking for quickly and efficiently.

  • To start a search, click the search bar at the top center of the platform. Factr will automatically begin searching for what you are looking for.

  • Click "enter/return" to view your full search results.

  • In the below search example, I typed "Movies". I'm looking for an item that was posted by Janet Dunne and was highlighted as well.

  • Filtering search results to include highlighted items as well as items posted by Janet Dunne will help filter the search results to include anything that falls into the parameters I have added.

  • The search results went from 144 items down to two items after adding filters. I have quickly gained access to the content I was looking for.

Search filters include:

  • Posted - Any item that was posted by a Factr member

  • Highlighted - Any item highlighted by a Factr member

  • Commented - Any item commented on by a Factr member

  • Tagged - Any item tagged by a Factr member

  • Hidden - Any item hidden by a Factr member

  • People - Any item posted by a specific Factr member or group

  • Stream - Any item posted within a specific Factr stream

  • Tags - Any item with a specific tag

  • Sources - Any item originating from a specific source

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