In addition to setting up your streams to automatically pull content from websites, you can use the Factr extension to add items and content to any stream while you’re browsing online.

Using the Factr web extension, you can save items in the moment while you’re browsing the web.

First, you’ll need to download the extension to your favorite browser. If you haven’t already done this, click this link to download the Factr web extension. Once the extension is downloaded, you can click on the Factr extension icon when visiting any public page online. You can then select the stream you want to save or post to (including your Inbox, for sharing at another time).

Here’s an example: If I’m going on a trip and want to save a travel guide to Sydney, I can click the Factr icon on the right-hand side of my toolbar.

I can choose to save the travel guide to the stream of my choice. In this case, I will be adding it to my “Vacation Research” stream.

Once I’ve chosen my stream, I can add a description or note to myself and/or to the group of people I am sharing with. 

Once you click “Add to Factr,” the page will show the message “Successfully saved.” If you do not see the Success message, the link you are adding may be either a private page that requires login or the page is unable to be shared via the site you are on.

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