Inviting people to contribute or view your Stream can be done by clicking the “Manage Access” button on the Stream header.

Managing who has access to your Stream can be done in two spaces. Firstly, you can update the default access. This setting can keep your Stream open to the general public, private (meaning anyone on the page requires an invitation) or public to your connections only. 

When inviting specific people to a Stream, you can click the gold + button under “Who has access.”

Search for people or invite them to the Stream via email address. To add Janet, I’ll click the + button again. 

Using the dropdown menu, I can choose what access to give Janet on my Stream. 

Admin: A user that has access as an Editor, plus the ability to grant access to the Stream. 

Editor: A user who has permission to edit Sources, Filters, and Tags, in addition to adding content. 

Contributor: A user who has permission to add posts, links, files, and comments. Contributors are listed on the side of your Stream with the amount of items they have posted. 

Viewer: A user who only has permission to view a Stream. 

*The Stream creator is automatically the owner and an admin for the Stream. They can change those roles at any time.

After choosing an access level, I can add a message, and share it! 

That's it!
Enjoy working with your connections on your streams.

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