Question 1:

Question: I created my account via Google OAuth, but now I don't have a password to use. Some features, like changing my username slug, require one. The reset password link I received in email just sent me to the main Factr page. What should I do?

Answer: To set a password for your account after signing up via OAuth, click the “Reset Password” button in settings. When you receive the email, make sure to log out of Factr, before clicking the reset password link.

Question 2:

Question: Will there be horizontal capability on the app? (I use an iPad)

Answer: Using the web app through a browser is currently a better experience for horizontal views on iPads and tablets than using the mobile app. Optimizing for a horizontal view is on our to-do list.

Question 3:

Question: I cannot add images or documents via the app, what should I do?

Answer: You can currently add images via the app. Documents can be easily added on the web browser.

Question 4:

Question: When I have a public Stream, can I not allow others to join? They can follow and comment, but not contribute? I will have Streams where I would love to have Contributors, but also others where it is clear from the start that this is just me. Can this be made visible, in some way? I don‘t want to hurt the reader's feelings. 

Answer: Regarding contributors: Yes, you can make other contributors to your public (or private) Streams. Look under the "Manage Access" button in the Stream header, and it should be clear. Once someone has been given access, they will receive an email notification, and when they visit the Stream, they will see their role in the top line of the header (For instance, "Your Access: Editor").

Question 5:

Question: Can I approve or delete comments on my Stream?

Answer: No one can comment unless you, the Admin, make them a Contributor, so there is that form of approval/permission setting. As an Admin, you can always delete a comment after it's made (look for an "X" to appear to the right of the comment on rollover). We don't currently give Admins the means to approve comments before they appear.

Question 6: 

Question: When I add a link on the public Stream, the images won't load. What can I do? 

Answer: There are a few reasons that may happen. One is when the images are not a static .jpg or .png, or when the page is constructed on the fly as in the case of a search result or similar.  On the occasional site, we just can't parse the link. We're working to make that as rare as we can. One workaround to keep in mind is that you can edit your post, and by clicking the pencil icon in the image field, manually upload an image.

Question 7:

Question: Can I make changes to the name of a feed? 

Answer: If you are looking to rename a Stream, use the web app, and click “Display” where you’ll be able to edit your Stream title and description.

Question 8:

Question: Can you add your Facebook feed into Factr?

Answer: Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't make it easy for users to add their feeds to other platforms. Importing all of your existing Facebook content is ahead on our roadmap here at Factr. Currently, you can share Facebook Items with the Factr platform individually.

Question 9:

Question: Is there a way of clearing feed items without showing them as read. I have been testing Streams and have 61,000 items in one of them. It seems I only have the alternative to delete the Stream or "read" each one. 

Answer: We don’t yet offer a way to group select items, or to delete them, but we’re working on it. One thing you can do is make the ones that matter to you into posts (via the share icon “Make this item a post”). Then on the web app, you can use the Activity sidebar (to the right of your items) to view posts only. That way you’ll only see the items you’ve selected, not the thousands of others. You can also use the “highlight” star as an alternative way of doing the same thing.

Question 10:

Question: Is there an easy way to download an email from Gmail?

Answer: Currently, you can copy the email text, and paste it into a post. You can also save the email as a PDF file and add it to your Stream/Inbox as such. We understand these options aren't ideal and are working towards an easier solution.

Question 11:

Question: What do I do when I search for a Source and it yields no results?

Answer: The source library in Factr is being added to regularly. With that, you can use the Source search to add in RSS feeds for sites that interest you. An RSS feed is a link used to create alerts or updates on something you’d like to follow. You can add any RSS feed to Factr. Additionally, with the Factr extension, you can add any webpage (as an Item) to a Stream at any time. 

Question 12:

Question: How can I change the email address associated with my account?


  1. Find for your profile image on the top right of the website

  2. Select "Settings"

  3. Scroll down to the field titled "Email address", click that, followed by "Change"

  4. Type in the email address that you wish to use and click "Save"

Question 13:

Question: Can you explain how to use multiple filters?

Answer: You can do this by choosing the Stream you’d like to add filters to and clicking the settings option in the Stream header. Click “Source Filters”. The first filter you use can be a broad idea of what you are looking for. After you apply your first filter, you can click the add button to further identify the topic you would like to see content on. The more filters you use, the more granular the source results will be. We have a help article on it, here.

Question 14:

Question: What is RSS and why do I need to know what it is?

Answer: RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a standardized system for the distribution of content from an online publisher to internet users. For example, if I want to hear about the news from the New York Times, I’ll subscribe to their RSS feed by adding the Source to my Stream to be continually updated on their coverage. If and when you want to add an RSS feed to your Stream, you can do so by copy and pasting the link into the Source search or using a keyword search. For more, visit our help page, here.

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