What is an Item?

An Item is any content that can be posted and/or shared on your Stream - documents, files,  images, links, text, sources, etc. 

Items can be pulled from a variety of Sources and added to a Stream in a number of ways [RSS feed, Factr browser extension, smartphone, direct link, etc.] A Stream in itself is a collection of items. 

Adding an Item

An item can be added through the Stream’s toolbar, indicated by an gold “+” button at the top of the stream interface. After clicking on it, a menu of options will open, such as Post, Link, Image, and File. 

Types of Items

Post: Any form of typed content to a length you’d like. 

Use this option if you want to write something and post it to the Stream. It can be a note, an observation, a snippet, a quote or a question. Type or paste the words you wish to post. Select text to format make it bold or italic. 

Link: A URL that can be directed to from your Stream. 

Paste or type the URL that you want to add. Factr will pull the title and description of the page including an image if available. You are then free to make a comment about the link if you wish to.

Image: A PNG file, JPG file, and other image-supported formats 

You can upload an image from your hard drive to a Stream by selecting the camera icon. Click it and a file browser window will open so that you can navigate to the location of the image

File/Document: A Word doc, text file, or PDF file, as well as many other formats

You can upload files by clicking on the File icon, opening a file browser window that you can navigate to the location of the file on your hard drive.

To learn how to post specific Items on a Stream.

Interacting with Items

Editing Items

To edit your Item, click on the arrow at the corner for options to edit post, change the date, or delete the post from your stream. 

In the edit window, you can edit the title of the post, the text box, and replace or delete the image within the post. 

To change the date of your Item, select this option to edit the time the post should be displayed. 

Commenting on Items

By clicking on the comment feature [text bubble icon], you’re able to comment on Items within any Stream. Line breaks can be added by pressing Shift+Enter. Selecting the text to format to make bold or italic. Enter to post. 

Tagging Items

Items can be tagged for the purpose of filtering your posts accordingly. You can type in your own tags or select suggestions below the text box based on tags already existing within the stream. 

Moving an Item

There are several ways to move an Item to other features, streams, or platforms. 

  1. By clicking on the folder icon, Items can be added and organized in your created Folders. 

  2. Item links can be copied to be shared. 

  3. Items can be shared via link to Twitter.

  4. Items in your Stream can be moved or copied to other destinations: your private Inbox, public profile, other Streams you’re a part of, or a completely new Stream. You have the option to edit the Item directly, such as the title, description, or something to say about the post (optional). 

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