What is a Stream?

Streams are a way to organize your content and conversations and share them on Factr. 

Streams are made up of a collection of Items. The items can be pulled from a variety of Sources and added to a Stream in a number of ways (RSS feed, Factr browser extension, smartphone, direct link, etc.).

You can create your own Stream, follow or view a public Stream created and shared by another user, or follow a Stream to which you’ve been given access.

How can I create a Stream?

Via web browser:

Once you’ve created your profile, you’re able to create a Stream. You’ve chosen a topic that matters to you and you want a place to collect Items that pertain to that topic.

  1. Start by clicking on the + button (opposite the Factr logo) on the left-hand navigation column and select "New Stream" from the options.

  2. Give your Stream a name. It can be as specific or general as you like (and you can always change it later).

  3. Determine your Stream’s ownership (default ownership is the creator of the stream, generally you)

  4. Determine who will have access to your stream. Streams have several privacy options:

  • Private (default): private streams are not visible or discoverable to anyone on Factr unless you opt to share access.

  • Connections: These streams are only visible and accessible to members you're connected to.

  • Public: Public streams can be discovered and viewed by anyone via Factr's search feature, and anyone with the Stream's web address can see the contents of the Stream. Don't worry! They can’t post to the Stream without your permission.

To allow access, click on the “Manage Access” button, or, through “Settings”, select access.

You can designate the Owner of a Stream as yourself and up to four other people of your choice, or you can give ownership to a group of members. 

The access level of members can also be changed to Admin, Editor, Contributor, or Viewer. 

Access to your Stream can be made public or private at any time.

Once you are happy with your name, description, and privacy settings, click "Save".

Via mobile app: 

To create a new stream or post in the mobile app, look for the gold + button in the toolbar at the bottom of the app. 

Choose what you would like to make.

 If you’re creating a post, add the photo and/or text you’d like to post. If you’re creating a new Stream, fill in the Stream options and click “Create Stream.”

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