Access: In a private stream, the level of access/permission granted to an individual user by the Stream owner. 

Activity: On your Home Page, a record of any action taken by you, or within the streams/people you follow--such as posted items or comments. The Activity bar updates daily, with the most recent activity on top. On a Stream, a sidebar menu that shows actions taken within Stream;  the quantity of Items posted, highlighted, commented on, tagged, or hidden within your Stream. 

Admin: A user that has access as an Editor, plus the ability to grant access to the Stream. Admin is a level of access granted by the Stream’s owner. 

Comment: A written remark that can be added to an Item by the Owner of a Stream or other users who have access to the Stream. 

Compact Card: A display preference that shows a compact view of your image and description.

Contributor: A user who has permission to add posts, links, files, and comments. Contributors are listed on the side of your Stream with the amount of Items they have posted. Contributor is a level of access granted by the Stream’s Owner/Administrator. 

Digest: On your Home Page, the Digest is a condensed version of the Activity feed that shows stream activity in the last 24 hours. The Digest also arrives as an email; frequency is determined by the user.

Editor: A user who has permission to edit sources, filters, and tags, in addition to adding content. Editor is a level of access granted by the Stream’s owner. 

File: A Word doc, text file, PDF file, or other file format, that can be uploaded from your device. 

Feed: A Source that adds content to a Stream.

Folder: A collection of selected Items from your Stream. Placing Items in a Folder does not remove them from your Stream, it simply makes them easier to view as a subgroup.

Full-Size Card: A display preference that shows the full-size image and description of your Item. 

Hide/Unhide: An organizational feature [“Eye” icon on the bottom right of the Post] within a Stream that allows you to “hide” certain items from being seen by other viewers. Posts can be made visible again by unhiding them with the same icon. 

Highlight: A feature [Star icon] within a Stream that allows certain items to be bookmarked and sub-categorized. Highlighted items are listed in the Activity panel to the right of the stream. Items can be highlighted and unhighlighted at any time. Items highlighted are listed as a group, regardless of their individual tags. 

Inbox: Your own private Stream in which to store any Items or Folders of interest. No other users have access to your Inbox. You can use your Inbox to gather items before distributing them to a Stream or to hold items that matter, but don’t yet have a home in a particular Stream. 

Item: An Item is any content--- documents, files,  images, links, text, sources, etc.--
that can be posted or shared on your Stream. 

List View: A display preference that shows Items in a Stream as a List, based on Contributor, title, and file type. 

Post: An Item that is posted to a Stream.

Post Toolbar: A menu of options featuring the different types of Items that can be posted on the Stream: Post, Link, Image, File. 

Profile: Your personal interface, in which you tell people about yourself, your work, or what matters to you. Your Profile can be customized with an icon, header, bio, links, list of interests, and the Streams you own.  

In your Profile, you can choose to only display Posts that you manually add, or you can choose to automatically display any post that you add to public Streams on Factr. Posts will be visible to anyone who visits your profile. Members who follow you will receive a notification when you post to your Profile. 

Stream: A collection of Items.  A Stream can be used to organize your content, have conversations, and to share information with other Factr members.

[Items within a Stream can be pulled from a variety of sources and added to a Stream in a number of ways (RSS feed, Factr browser extension, smartphone, direct link, etc.)

Source: A website or online publication of interest that automatically feeds Items to be added onto your Stream, using RSS feeds. You can search for Sources through the Factr database, in the Source Manager, or directly add them with a web address.

Tags: A word, phrase, or name attached to an Item to identify particular content belonging to a particular category. The Tags menu, on the sidebar to the right of the Stream, provides a list of all the tags used within the Stream, and the quantity of items sharing that tag. Tags can be added before finalizing the post, or afterward.

Viewer: A user who only has permission to view a Stream. Viewer is a level of access granted by the Stream’s owner.

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