Your Inbox is your own private place to save or post anything that matters to you. It’s a good place to post Items that you come across while working online or to hold items in digital format for later filing or adding to a Stream. Your Inbox is for your eyes only, and how you use it is entirely up to you.

You can save items, edit them, add notes, add tags, or organize them into Folders—your call.

If you decide you'd like others to see an Item, just share it to your profile (or to any relevant Stream that you have access to).

How can I add an Item to my Inbox from a Stream? 

You can add items from a Stream directly into your Inbox, using the “sharing” icon ↑ to “Move or copy to another Stream.”

From there, type or select Inbox in the “Destination” bar to add to your Inbox. Use the toggle button to choose to move or copy the Item.

How can I add an Item to my Inbox from elsewhere on the web?

You can add articles, photos, videos, and other items to your Inbox from other locations by sharing them, copying a link, or using your Factr browser extension.

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