Factr Streams are the easy way to organize all of your information about a particular project or topic in one place. It doesn't matter if your content is a mixture of notes, documents, links and files, you can easily add all of them. 

How to add content to your Stream

Via web browser:

First, go to the Stream that you want to add content to. Next, look for the gold "+" button at the top of the Stream interface and click on it.

A menu of options will open. Select which of the options you want to add.

Add Post

Use this option if you want to write something and post it to the Stream. It can be a note, an observation, a snippet, a quote or a question. Type or paste the words you wish to post. Select text to format make it bold or italic. 

When you are happy with your post, click "Add". You can always edit or delete the item after you post if you want to by clicking on the menu option in the top right of the item.

Add Link

If you'd like to add a link to a web page to your Stream, select the second option in the menu and paste or type the URL that you want to add. Factr will pull the title and description of the page including an image if available. You are then free to make a comment about the link if you wish to.

Add Image

You can upload an image to a Stream by selecting the third option which is represented by the camera icon. Click it and a file browser window will open so that you can navigate to the location of the image on your hard drive. Select the image you wish to upload and click "Open".

When you are happy with the post, title and description, click the "Add" button.

Add File or Document

If you need to upload a Word doc, text file or PDF file (as well as many other formats), click on the fourth icon in the list. Click it and a file browser window will open so that you can navigate to the location of the file on your hard drive. Select it and click "Open".

The title will default to the file name but you can change it if you want to and add an optional description. You also have the option to sat something about the file before posting if you want to. When you are finished editing the options, click "Add".

This is what it looks like after you have added it.

Via mobile app:

To create a new post in the mobile app, look for the gold + button in the toolbar at the bottom of the app. 

Choose what you would like to make.

 If you’re creating a post, add the photo and/or text you’d like to post. Click "Add"


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