Streams are the way to organize your content and conversations and share them on Factr.

Start by clicking on the "+" icon on the left hand navigation and select "New Stream" from the options.


Give your stream a name. It can be as specific or general as you like and you can always change it later.

Description (optional)

A description is not required but it provides useful context for people that you share the stream with and also helps Factr make content recommendations.


Streams have two privacy options:

  • Personal (default): private streams are not visible or discoverable to anyone on Factr unless you opt share access with them.
  • Group: private streams shared within a group. Only visible and accessible to members of the group.
  • Public: Public streams can be seen by discovered by anyone via Factr's search and anyone with the stream's web address can see the contents of the stream. Don't worry! they need your permission to post to the stream.

Once you are happy with your name, description and privacy settings, click "Save".

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