Factr brings together the best features of collaboration tools, social media, bookmarking, file-sharing, and news aggregators into a single platform, uniquely designed to give you control over your content, for whatever you need to do with it.

Factr makes it easy to stay on top of what matters by allowing you to organize all your files, links, news feeds, and conversations into streams that you can share or keep private—it's up to you.

Stay on top of what matters

  • Gather and organize news, research, documents, and conversations into streams

  • Instantly save links, images, files, and more to read later, annotate, and share

  • Add website (RSS) feeds and set filters to see only the most relevant news from sources you trust

  • Use Factr's iPhone app anywhere

Keep everyone on the same page

  • Take conversations that matter out of email, chat, and social media, and into collaborative Factr streams 

  • Share important information once, knowing it will reach everyone who needs it

Organize and share personal research

  • Discuss issues and share things with family members or community

  • Create archives of anything with as many or as few people as you like.

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