Google Alerts are a useful tool for monitoring particular issues on the web. People commonly use the email digest but it is also possible to consume alerts as RSS feeds which means you can also add them as a Source to any of your Factr Streams. By pulling them into Factr, you can also Filter them and mix them with any other Feeds that you like.

Here’s how…

  1. Go to Google Alerts

  2. Create a new alert (or edit an existing alert)

  3. Click on the “Deliver to” dropdown menu (it’s the last of the options)

  4. Choose “RSS feed”

  5. Click “Update alert”

  6. Now you should see an RSS icon next to your alert.

  7. Right-click on the RSS icon and copy the link address

  8. Go to your Factr stream and click the “Edit” button next to Sources

  9. Paste the link address in the field labelled “Add new source” and click the “+” button.

  10. Click “Done” in the bottom right of the edit source window and your Google Alert will now feed directly into your Stream.

Happy Factr’ing!

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