Filtering aggregated sources in Factr streams has long been one of the features that our community likes best. When we designed the original interface for filtering, we tried to balance simplicity and usefulness by offering three types of filters:

An example of Fact’s basic filtering.

  1. All: content must match all keywords in this field
  2. Any: content must match at least one of these keywords
  3. Never: content with any of these keywords will be excluded

Combining these three types of filters works well for most purposes but some of you said you occasionally need to create more complex filters.

We listened, and we’re happy to announce that we have just released an infinitely flexible filtering option: Advanced Filters, now displayed as a second tab next to Basic Filters in your stream filter settings. With Advanced Filters you can use Boolean syntax to create an infinite variety of combinations of keywords, joined by AND, OR, NOT and AND NOT:

An example of Boolean operators in the new advanced filters.

To use Advanced Filters:

  1. open the stream you want to filter
  2. click on Settings > Filters
  3. select Advanced Filters
  4. edit your filters
  5. click Save and Close

To give yourself a head start, you can first create Basic Filters. Then when you click on the Advanced Filters, you’ll see the terms you’ve specified converted to Boolean syntax for you to edit. (It doesn’t work in reverse though.)

That’s all there is to it!

Happy Factr’ing…

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