Note: these instructions only apply if you are using the Chrome browser.

Click here to download the Chrome browser if you aren’t using it yet.

To get the most out of Factr, we recommend installing the Factr browser extension. Not only does the extension provide an efficient way to save web pages that you think are interesting for later use or discussion on Factr, but it also means that you can effectively curate a stream while browsing the internet. Best of all it’s really easy to install.


  1. To start the installation, click on this link.
  2. Then, click on the button in the top right that says “+ Add to Chrome”:
  3. Click the button on the pop-up that says “Add extension”:

  4. You’ll see a little pop-up confirming that the browser extension and pointing out        where to click to use the extension:

  5. That’s it! Now just log in to your Factr account in the extension, and you can start      saving to Factr from your browser.

Happy Factr’ing!

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